Spatial Concepts

It has been over two years since I last wrote about my work. To people who are getting to see my new series for the first time it may feel like a very different approach, but at its heart my process continues where I left off. Since 2011 I have made art based on photography…  [ READ MORE ]


Photo London 2016 opened a couple of nights ago. It is only in its second year, but it’s clear that it is going to be a major photographic art fair in Europe. Although Paris Photo retains its leadership – at least as long as it’s in the Grand Palais – it is nice to be…  [ READ MORE ]

An Edition of One

Before photography was elevated to an art form, it was a craft. Somewhere between journalism and portraiture, technically-skilled people with a creative streak caught moments, and then made prints. Alfred Stieglitz wanted to make endless copies and sell them as cheaply as newspapers, and Edward Weston or Ansel Adams never numbered or limited their work to…  [ READ MORE ]

Personal Disclosure

In less than four weeks I open my solo show at the CWC Gallery, the contemporary branch of the renowned Galerie Camera Work in Berlin. I have been working on this series for over three years now. Initially the working title had been The Sacred & the Profane, but the project has evolved so much that I…  [ READ MORE ]

London, Website

It’s been several months since I lasted posted to this blog. That’s not all about procrastination and laziness. I switched to a different web host, and have rebuilt my entire website, although the front-end looks largely the same. Many of you who know well how tedious it can be to maintain a website. Although I like…  [ READ MORE ]

The Crop

At some point in the late 1980s my father came home with a painting by Paul Delvaux. He’d never really been into Surrealist art. On the contrary, at the time he was collecting work by Photorealists, a painting style that at first glance emulates the gloss and shine familiar from photographs, and relies on ultra-realism to make…  [ READ MORE ]

Quiet Devotion

I have been shooting my Quiet Devotion project for over two years now, and have undergone a number of major life events that have impacted upon the evolution of the series. What began as an angry lash-out at whatever residual issues I might have had with institutinalized religion has finally resolved itself in post-narrative depiction. The images…  [ READ MORE ]

Hanjo – The Foreword by John Wood

There are few moments greater for an artist then when his work is understood. Without lengthy description, without a wordy artist statement or a Gallerina standing nearby and whispering visual cues, the person simply comprehends the artist’s work. So it was when I began communicating with John Wood, photographic historian, and lover of Japanese art,…  [ READ MORE ]

Tokyo Photo Art Fair

After three years, my HANJO Project will finally debut. Galerie CAMERA WORK is presenting the final work at Tokyo Photo 2013 starting September 27th. TOKYO PHOTO has become the most prestigious photographic art fair in Asia. The exhibitor list is small, but but includes some of the most important galleries in the world. Tate Modern…  [ READ MORE ]

Hanjo: Part 3 – The Book

The story of Hanjo was always intended as a graphic novel. When I planned the shoot, I had created storyboards for the entire script. I knew which main shots I needed, how many looks, and the various framings. I knew I needed establishing shots, two-shots, over-the-shoulders, close-ups… I needed textures, cutaways, and empty spaces. My…  [ READ MORE ]