Profile – Yoram Roth and his Berlin

Berlin is opening up again – Culture Investor Yoram Roth is ready to go The City and the Investor: Yoram Roth and his Berlin Yoram Roth could have invested his money in real estate, start-ups or stocks. But the Berlin cultural investor prefers to buy Clärchens Ballhaus or Tip Magazine, has a stake in the…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Artwork Archive

This interview was published by Artwork Archive, the software I use to manage both my art collection that is growing every year, and my inventory of art that I have produced. Artwork Archive collector Yoram Roth on what drives his passion for art and life.  Meet Artwork Archive collector Yoram Roth. Yoram is a creative entrepreneur,…  [ READ MORE ]

Profile – Yoram Roth to the Rescue

Emilie Trice for No3 Magazine published this interview on March 13 One man’s mission to redefine the industrial cultural complex. A city is a living ecosystem that will inevitably cycle through periods of growth, decay, renewal, stability, entropy, and so on. Cultural identity ebbs and flows. Demographics shift and recalibrate. This is the story of…  [ READ MORE ]

Profile – My Homescreen

Turi2 is a website that covers German media and communication companies and their executives. They asked me to participate in their My Homescreen project, and like any neurotic modern thought leader I can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about my life. The original article in German, so I thought I’d translate it here… Yoram…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Johann König on Instagram

Johann has been doing interviews with people via Insta. My friend Nenad recorded part of it and sent it to me, so here’s that recording. Johann König is one of the few gallerists who gets it. His program covers artists his own age, and as he’s matured he’s taken substantial risks. The gallery spaces are…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Fotografiska in

What does the day of a person who runs a very active cultural organization, who meets hundreds of people, who is at the heart of the events, look like nowadays? It’s heart-breaking. We are facing both a healthcare and economic crisis. It has created personal loss and anxiety for all of us, and we feel…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Eye of Photography

Yoram Roth is the kind of person you rarely find in Berlin. Though Berlin-born (1968), he was raised in New York, where he acquired and honed his unique personality and cosmopolitan charm. In the city that never sleeps, he completed his photography studies at Fordham University in 1990 and moved back to his hometown in…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – ExBerliner 2

We Berliners are unruly Interview with Nadja Vancauwenberghe Yoram Roth, the cultural entrepreneur and son of the late real estate billionaire Rafael Roth, bought Clärchens Ballhaus last July. He says the Corona crisis hasn’t affected his plans for the beloved Mitte institution. (Photo by Michael O’Ryan) Mr Roth, we last talked only seven weeks ago,…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Cicero

DER MIT DEM KIEZ TANZT Clärchens Ballhaus ist eine Institution in Berlin-Mitte. Die Zeit steht dort still, aber ihr Zahn nagt auch daran. Yoram Roth will das ändern – und stößt auf Misstrauen. Von Alexandra Duong Kaffee und Kuchen, Schnitzel und auch osteuropäischer Borscht sollen aufgetischt werden in Clärchens Ballhaus. „Ein Touch Jiddischkeit muss schon…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Der Millionär und sein Ballhaus

In der Hauptstadt gilt das Clärchen als Gemeingut, egal, wie die Besitzverhältnisse sind. Schließlich ist es das letzte von 900 Berliner Ballhäusern der Kaiserzeit. Bis Mitte Januar wurde hier getanzt. Seither ruht der Betrieb (unabhängig von Corona), womöglich für immer, argwöhnt der Berliner. Auch wenn Yoram Roth, der neue Eigentümer, beteuert: „Ich reiße nichts ab,…  [ READ MORE ]