Interview – Foto Magazin Deutschland

Many of you may not know that I’m not just an artist, but also an investor. I’ve done both to varying degrees of success over the last 25 years, primarily focused on entertainment oriented companies. One of my most hands-on investment these days is called Fotografiska. We are the largest photography museum in the world….  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – NAU NUA

Juan Carlos Romero from NAU NUA interviewed me last week, I found his questions to be intriguing. The introduction is tranlasted from Catalan: Yoram Roth is a German photographer born in Berlin in 1968, where he lives and works. He completed his photography studies at Fordham University in 1990. He moved to USA and founded…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – DreamingOf

Alina Aliman of DreamingOf interviewed me recently, and gave me a chance to speak about my up-coming show at CWC Galerie, my new series, and my book Nudes in Steel published by teNeues Publishing this week: These works of yours are called Spacial Concepts because…  Because that’s what Lucio Fontana called most of his work…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview –

YORAM ROTH – A BEHIND-THE-SCENES VIEW As of September 19th, CWC Gallery presents sixty new works by Yoram Roth in an exhibition entitled “Personal Disclosure”. Before the exhibition’s opening, the artist invited ARTberlin into his studio. There are still a few pieces of stage scenery standing around the attic space of an old weapons factory…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Open Journal

Open Journal’s Cathy Marshall interviewed me recently, here it is: German fine art photographer Yoram Roth is a man of many talents. From set construction and garment creation to floral arranging, Yoram is involved with almost every detail involved in the production of his highly considered images. By utilising techniques generally used within commercial imagery,…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Yellowtrace

An interview with me was published by Yellowtrace today. I talk about Hanjo, and how the pictures were created. Berlin based fine art photographer, Yoram Roth, takes a strong conceptual approach with his multilayered and visually arresting work. His style extends beyond the fleeting nature of spontaneous snapshots – his images require conscious planning, conceptual…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Tabacchi

Last week I conducted an online interview with Enrico Tabacchi, a fellow photographer as well as blogger based out of Milan. You can read the whole interview at his site including some of the images that he selected from my Color Room Series as well as my Hopper’s Americans Series. ———— Yoram Roth is a…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Drome

Drome Magazine, Italy’s foremost art magazine, did a big feature on my Hopper’s American series. The magazine and website gets published in English as well as Italian, and having an Italian-language interview describing my work helped greatly during my art fair show in Milan last week. Here is the Interview in English, though the opener…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Stilbruch – German TV

One of Germany’s better cultural round-up programs is Berlin’s Stilbruch, an excellent weekly show that reports on cultural events going on in town and around the city. I was invited to provide context and offer differentiation between pornography vis-a-vis fine art nude imagery as part of Berlin’s Museum für Fotografie‘s new exhibition Die Nackte Wahrheit…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Creative Motion Design

Some months ago Creative Motion Design conducted an interview with me about my Hopper’s Americans series: {CMD} This body of work speaks for itself…Yoram Roth, talented visionary is telling a story and capturing more than just an image…It’s narrative art. Avant-garde, Seductive…worth a second look for sure. Yoram Roth was born and raised in Berlin,…  [ READ MORE ]