Yoram Roth (born 1968 in Berlin, Germany) is a life-long entrepreneur with a focus on the creative, real estate and the hospitality sector. He has lived in New York and Los Angeles for over 20 years, and returned to his hometown in 2007.

Yoram is the Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder in Fotografiska Holding AB. The firm was founded in Stockholm in 2011. Fotografiska owns and operates a growing number of museums with an emphasis on photography. Around the core mission of exhibiting leading photographers, Fotografiska Museums include restaurants with a culinary approach described as Sustainable Pleasure, curated retail, academy classes, bar and event spaces for the Fotografiska community members. Yoram leads the international expansion of the business to multiple cities across Europe and the United States, including Tallinn, New York, Berlin, Copenhagen as well as into China and Asia-Pacific.

He is the CEO of Roth Holding GmbH, a hotel and real estate investment company in Germany and the Netherlands with holdings in listed property companies. He owns Clärchens Ballhaus in Berlin-Mitte, and is a founding investor in the Genossenschaft für urbane Kreativität, which created the urban alternative development Holzmarkt, and Kater Blau, one of Berlin’s most beloved clubs.

Yoram is an investor in two media companies. Go City Media is best known for its titles Tip and Zitty, Berlin’s lifestyle and event magazines. He is an investor in The Art Gorgeous, a publication platform at the intersection of art and fashion that also produces branded events and experiences.

He is now also the CEO of Roth & Sohn GmbH, a Berlin-based company founded in 1966 by Eisig and Rafael Roth, Yoram’s grandfather and father respectively. Returning from Israel after having to flee Nazi Germany, the Roth family had hoped to regain control of its real estate properties that had been Arianized during the Third Reich. Unfortunately the properties were located in East Berlin, and thus were taken from the family a second time under the German Communist regime. Rafael Roth focused on office buildings for government entities and universities. Eisig Roth built cinemas and bowling lanes, and was an early investor in location-based entertainment.

Together with his father Yoram Roth acquired First Artists, a major motion picture film company which owned and licensed rights to a various movie libraries beside the films produced by its famous founders. The titles were distributed across all major platforms and in most markets in joint partnership with Warner Bros. The company entered into a number of remake licensing deals, including The Getaway, Uptown Saturday Night, and A Star is Born.

Yoram was the Lead Investor of RightSpring Technology, a Los Angeles-based company that developed software for the commercial licensing and delivery of music and photo image rights. He was also CEO and Founder of Rotor Communications Technology, which created software enabling the production of talk shows and game shows. Both companies are back-end technology solutions for the creative industry.

At the age of twenty-two Yoram founded his first business. D’Vision Records, one of Berlin’s seminal record labels, releasing over thirty albums across sub-genres including Techno, Drum & Base, and House music.

Yoram Roth completed his Business of Mass Communications studies at Fordham University in New York in 1989. During the same time he studied photography under Larry Fink. He has continued pursuing photography as an art practice, and is recognized as a major fine art nude photographer. Since 2012 his work is represented by Galerie Camera Work in Berlin, one of the leading photographic art galleries. He has published three photo books thus far, the last one Nudes in Steel through teNeues Publishing. Yoram actively collects fine art photography with an emphasis on staged imagery and unique productions.

Yoram Roth leads or supports a number of charitable organizations, including Taglit-Birthright, KCRW LA/Berlin, Human Rights Watch, and Be An Angel e.V.

He has three teenage sons.