Hanjo – A Gallery

A small selection of images from my photographic novel Hanjo, which will be presented for the first time in its final version at Tokyo Photo 2013.

Hanjo: Part 2 – The Colors

I had decided to turn the Noh opera Hanjo into a photographic novel. It gave me the chance to combine the language of fashion photography with Japanese hand-colored colodion or dry plate work, and to create a separate visual style for the project. I never became an expert on the various types of photography of…  [ READ MORE ]

Hanjo: Part 1 – How I discovered the Play

Hanjo blew my mind the minute it touched me the first time. It’s been almost three years now. In 2010, my friend Fredrika Brillembourg invited me to see her perform in Amsterdam. She’s a Mezzo Soprano, and was starring in Toshio Hosokawa’s adaption of HANJO. I had never heard of the story. It was written…  [ READ MORE ]

More is more

There’s a lot going on. I’m preparing for Hanjo in Tokyo in September, Hoppers in Amsterdam in October, and of course the Sacred & Profane project continues to take up all my time. I hope to show it for the first time next April. My new approach is working well conceptually, but what I’m not…  [ READ MORE ]


If this blog is to have any value at all, I need to have the courage to write honestly. There are phases in my projects where I feel incredibly disheartened. I accept that the creative process is more than simple execution. The Sacred and Profane project has been with me for over a year now,…  [ READ MORE ]


There’s a struggle right now between celebration and objectification. My new project “The Sacred and the Profane” continues to edge closer to search for the Feminine, and less into an exploration of what I am recognizing as very patriarchal religions – the ones from Jerusalem. After staging large elaborate scenes and images I find the…  [ READ MORE ]

A story to guide you

Several photographers have asked me for advice recently. I’m always slightly leery of giving advice, because I don’t believe my images succeed from technique. I’m proud of the work I do, it’s technically fine, but my work lives from the stories I tell. And I think that’s an element that is missing too often. To…  [ READ MORE ]

The Forest Project

For some time now, I have been creating a series of images in my studio called the Forest Project. It is a large set in my studio. I am about to pause the project for an indeterminate amount of time. I need to focus on other work, but I also must retrench, I need to…  [ READ MORE ]

Hopper’s Americans… the alternate selection

One of the great frustrations of a good photo project is making final selections… here are some images that didn’t make the initial cut, were not included in the book, and then ultimately have yet to be exhibited at a show…. they’re a lot better as large prints, but I thought you might want to…  [ READ MORE ]

The Wrap Project

One of the artists I became aware of first in life was Christo (& Jean-Claude, as I was corrected later in life.) His (their) early work helped me understand one of the basic tenets of contemporary art. I was always impressed by the sheer scale, and the desire to do something just because it was possible….  [ READ MORE ]