Where The Wild Things Are

So… they’re turning “my” book into a movie.

Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak was my favorite book as a child. My generation had a lot of interesting books and shows, but not the overwhelming deluge that vies for our children’s attention nowadays. It was easier for us to fall in love with a character, to stay with the story and weave it into our lives.

Well, this one was mine.

I have been reading this book to the boys for several years now, but it’s just another title in their library. They know I like it a lot, but that doesn’t dictate their personal taste and choices. There are other books they’re attracted to. I’m pleased that they prefer books which aren’t simple ancillary revenue opportunities for a movie or TV show. They really like Die Drei Räuber by Tomi Ungerer, or Walter The Farting Dog. Really, who can blame them? I know flatulence is funny, but the book is actually pretty sensitive.

Nonetheless I’m a little sad. Turning “my” book into a movie will make it just another media product. It will become simply another DVD to watch on long distance flights or a cereal at the supermarket. The ray of hope is director Spike Jonze, who’s work is as cool as his contrived name suggests. Let’s hope he doesn’t screw it up.


…and if they do screw it up, there’s a good chance it will sink into oblivion. Die Drei Räuber are a good example… I just found out they made a movie out of that too, which was apparently so bad it disappeared without damaging the book’s appeal.

Let the rumpus begin!

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  1. Susanne Losch said:

    “Where the Wild Things Are” is also one of my fav books. I didn’t even know a movie was in the works until I read your blog. The author of this book is also the illustrator, so it’s interesting how much story telling the pictures do, especially during the Wild Rumpus interlude. Dr. Seuss also illustrated all his books, and again there’s an amazing connection between the words and pictures. Thanks for keeping your blog so interesting, and nice to see you and KR on FB.

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