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My guiltiest social media pleasure these days is Tumblr. It’s a simple blogging service that lets anyone to set up a blog full of images and links. But the most powerful part of it is the social media aspect, which allows all participants to like or re-blog other people’s content. Once you join (I guess you could forego posting and just follow others) all of the blog posts show in the aggregated Dashboard feed, a marvelous way of seeing powerful art and images… ummm… or a lot of really crazy Justin Bieber and Miley Cirus GIFs, depending on the people you choose to follow.

So to get you started if you haven’t joined the fun yet, here is a small selection of my favorite Tumblrs to follow. I will keep this list updated. My idea of a good Tumblr is a collection of images that inspires me. But I believe that curating has become a minor art form in its own right. Just consider DJing to understand what I mean. Sometimes the selection process gives the art a whole new context.

Yoram Roth – My own Tumblr. I quite like it, take a look. (Just to get that out of the way…)

Not shaking the Grass – Known by most as Like A Fieldmouse. One of the great Tumblr curators.

Sour Cream & Bookmarks – Originally went by Everything is Beautiful all the Time. A lovely selection.

Artchipel – Can veer into the illustrative sometimes and thus feel a little ffffound, but worth following.

Photographs on the Brain – Nomen est Omen, as they say in Latin. The name says it nicely.

Arpeggia – Art on the cusp of fashion.

Nuclear Harvest – A current favorite of mine.

The Predatory Pose – my idea of fashion photography.

Art Mastered – one of the many art history Tumblrs I like. Also seek out Caravaggista!

Staged Photography – Obviously a huge fan of a Tumblr that celebrates my style of photography…

The Only Magic left is Art – Good curator.

Concept of Mind – Good taste, simply presented.

Frictious – A great visual DJ of color and content.

Coleurs – A nice flow of image and music links with an emphasis on color transition.

… and When You Live in Berlin – because OMG there’s a lot of ridiculously pointless but fun stuff on Tumblr, and I live here… And if you’re nice to me you can send me an email and ask for my favorite NSFW / Adult Tumblrs… because unlike Facebook, Tumblr lets us be grown ups.

I follow 189 Tumblrs, so this list is nowhere near complete. Feel free to add any I may have missed out.

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