Three Videos about Personal Disclosure

I produced three videos that highlight the different stages of my creative process. The idea was simply to show how I arrive at the final piece. The first video is about the image creation. There are the stark sets, the human figures, and the elements that create a bridge between them. Often I already know which elements I will be focusing on, so the shot composition isolates those parts that will later be highlighted through the cropping process.

[vimeo 138093555 w=650 h=336]


The second video is about the physical cropping process. It’s been difficult to explain the material choices that have gone into this project, and the steel framing that it entails. I use unfinished, rolled & oiled steel that glints slightly in the light, and is a vestigial reminder of the ornate gilt frames that were typical to baroque art.  Props to Thein & Rios for doing such a detail-oriented job.

[vimeo 138093850 w=650 h=336]


Finally, the third video spends some time discussing the various print surfaces. I’ve written before about the matte acrylic Diasec that makes up the primary image, and the waxed Ditone paper that Recom Art in Berlin produce. It’s a wonderful choice, and I am incredibly grateful to them for managing the physical production for me.

[vimeo 138055235 w=650 h=336]


One note: the images we shot that day will not be part of the Personal Disclosure show opening in two weeks at CWC – Camera Work Contemporary. They did not get finished in time, and we will probably show them at Paris Photo in November. Hope to see you there!

Thanks to my life-long friend Chris Zippel for letting me use his tune within my videos.



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