The Hyena Men

After seeing several of these images on the Internet, I recently bought Pieter Hugo‘s wonderful book The Hyena & Other Men, and I highly recommend it. He’s a great photographer, but these pictures stand out in his body of work thus far.

He has captured intimate images of a small urban “tribe” living in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, who live with various animals. His comments about the experience are quite enlightening, especially about the difference between Europeans’ and Africans’ concerns about the welfare of the animals and the men who live with them.

I hope he doesn’t mind me showing a few of his images here. I strongly encourage you to check out his site, and to buy the book. It’s worth the time and money. In many ways the “Photo Book” is the perfect medium for photography anyway. You get the chance to study the images at leisure, at a distance and scale that are perfect for viewing. A book offers the largest possible selection, with comments from the author. This book ought to be part of your collection.

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  1. yesbuts said:

    I wouldn’t like to meet the man with the hyena on a dark night. 🙂

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