The factory gate

Here’s a sample of the kind of photographic work I’m currently producing. I shoot factories, highway overpasses, and radio towers. I make multiple exposures, and then lay them over one another to ensure that the image has a lot of dynamic range. That way I have a lot of detail in the shadows. Then I put it through a black and white conversion, which I then reverse. Finally I do burn the edges in a software preset, which gives it this solarized appearance. What’s important is how you print these, and on what kind of paper. It needs to be a shiny silken (almost silvery) paper, but not glossy.

And it needs to be printed BIG!

I’m not wedded to this process, but I enjoy seeing these kinds of industrial structures in a surrealistic light. It takes away the functionality and draws the eyes to the texture. The parts seem almost out of context.

Click on them to see them slightly larger, but it’s still nowhere near as good as seeing them printed.

The first one is a factory in Berlin, near Tegel Airport:


The following two were shot in Los Angeles. We rode Mountain Bikes into the concrete slab called the L.A. River. This is the 105 & 710 overpass, which very few people ever get to see on foot, or from underneath.


Another one, from the same location. The trees sticking out over the edge take on the oddest texture this way.


Both of the shots from L.A. are hanging in our house, printed at 120 x 120 cm.

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