The Desktop Wallpaper Project

Fiddling with the computer’s Desktop background image must be one of the least productive endeavors in the world… but then again, there are people in this world who would argue that any attention spent on design is superfluous. I’m not one of them.

I use my Desktop quite actively, but I keep it neat. There are not a lot of files and shortcuts on my screen, except for the few folders and applications I access regularly. I end up returning to my home screen several times per hour, which has made it an important piece of visual real estate in my life. The default bluish-green screen that my system shipped with was quasi-futuristic and non-offensive, but I have always enjoyed changing the background image. For a long time I used photos from my own archives, but they now scroll past as part of my screen saver. There was also a number of Simpson images, notably Comicbook Guy proclaiming “Worst Desktop Image. Ever.” But I have found something new, and I’m in the mood to share…

Bobby Solomon at Kitsune Noir has developed an interesting treat called The Desktop Wallpaper Project. Every Wednesday he releases a new creation by different designers in various resolutions, perfectly sized for large photographer monitors all the way down to the iPhone screen. I really like Nik Daum’s work, but I’ve become quite busy with some research I’m doing. That means I need a Desktop that allows me to quickly find files, and avoid getting visually distracted. I’ve switched to Neil Doshi’s doodle. Solomon thinks it’s busy, but the low-contrast image makes it easy on the eyes. The only one I really avoided was Dash Shaw, because that’s exactly what I don’t want!


Go check it out, you’ll be happy you did!

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