The Brick Testament

My boys are finally old enough to play with Lego, which is singularly one of the best things about being a father of boys. It means I get to play Lego with them! As my generation has gotten older, some have gotten quite serious about the little blocks.

One of my favorites is the recreation of famous photographs using Lego. Take a look at Balakov’s Flickr Slideshow. Two great examples below:

Tienamin Square

Iwo Jima

But nothing compares to The Brick Testament, a site I found that recreates a very large part of the two most popular Testaments (the Old and the New, not Mormon and L. Ron). It’s entirely built and photographed by the Reverend Brendon Powell Smith. He’s quite serious about illustrating the Bible pretty much as it is written, while maintaining a good sense of humor about himself (check out the FAQ). The complete absence of opinion makes it easy to think of it as a gospel retelling, or a sarcastic reinterpretation – take your pick. That particular angle is in the eye of the beholder.

Take a look at The Brick Testament. It’s wonderful. As the Daily Beast suggests, start by checking out the section entitled “The Law”. I also really enjoyed Genesis, especially the parshah that tells the story of the Golden Calf.

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