Swimming across China

A shot from a public pool in Northern China, taken over the weekend.

In some way, this is not that different than some of the pictures from Coney Island in the 1930s, or the Rimini shore in Italy in the 1950s. But somehow, the sheer size of China tends to add another layer of immensity to an already superlative situation.

I don’t know whether these people understand how crowded this looks to a typical Western person. Maybe the sense of personal space is really that different in parts of Asia.

Whatever it is, I have to admit this is not my idea of a good time… Frankly, it even strikes me as somewhat dangerous. But nonetheless there must be some kind of really crazy energy in the air at this moment.


  1. Peter said:

    Yes China is like that. Last year we lived there for 3 months to spend time teaching english in a Chinese school. So many things are so crowded over there that they don’t seem to notice it.

    And you wouldn’t want to swim in some of their pools. The one at the school where we were was green, I wouldn’t go in it for anything. But again, they don’t seem to notice these things.

  2. Rick Smith said:

    Where are K and the kids in the pic?

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