Start wearing Purple…

I had a wonderful Sunday with the boys. Rob, his wife T, and their daughter took us to a great pumpkin fair out in Brandenburg, with carousels, pony rides, and a LOT of pumpkins. The Erlebnisshof Klaistow has attempted to reconstruct Noah’s Arc and to fill it with animals made of pumpkins (weird!) and the whole farm is populated with food stands and typical county fair activities.

We bought some really nice cheese, and a good truffle salami, which we carved pieces off with a knife once we got home. I am filled with some kind of glowing parental pride in the fact that my boys enjoy cured meats as much as I do.

After dinner/bath/books/bed I poured a glass of wine and cranked up some music. I have a large collection that I take great pride in – about 455 Gigs, 6,558 albums, 70,985 songs according to iTunes, but that includes content like my wife’s unused German language lessons and a sound effects CD for Halloween. All the music has been painstakingly encoded and categorized (58 categories) over the last seven years. I’ve also created three master playlists – Morning, Work, and Dinner.

Well, turns out K the Listmaker (who actually prefers streaming KCRW Music when I’m not in the house) had kept the Morning list playing all day. It tends to have more attention-grabbing upbeat tracks on it that don’t really work the rest of the day, but it’s perfect for Sunday.

One track that came on is a perennial favorite of mine. Not every song on the Morning list is a total show stopper, it would be unlistenable if it were. But this one always makes me want to rip my shirt off and start dancing on the kitchen counter.

I don’t know much about Gogol Bordello, but their sound is pretty well described by Phill Jupitus as “The Clash and The Pogues having a fight… in Eastern Europe.” They sound like a gypsy punk band with a fiddle and an accordion, two instruments that haven’t gotten this good a work-out since Flogging Molly left the pub.

So here’s my favorite Gogol track, called “Start wearing Purple”, and for good measure I’ll also throw in Flogging Molly’s “What’s left of the Flag.” Both are rippin’ bar stompers, but Molly’s “Flag” is definitely NOT part of my Morning playlist.


Start wearing Purple – Gogol Bordello

What’s left of the Flag – Flogging Molly

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