Socialist Thugs

Proving once again that the worst thugs in Germany are currently to be found on the Left, not the Right, a former enforcer and body guard for the Communist leadership of East Germany (he was part of the Stasi) has managed to shut down until his entry is corrected according to his liking.


Lutz Heilmann, pictured above, is actually a member of Parliament for a political party called “Die Linke”, a consortium of Communists, Socialists, and general stinkers who’s primary interests include taking Rights away, saying No to progress, and opposing everything while proposing nothing in return. Allegedly this man threatened someone via text message, and got caught.

Nice earring, good thing it’s on the left.

It is depressing to think what all of this means in terms of Freedom of Expression via .de TLDs (German Top Level Domains). If this guy can shut down the entire German Wiki over a single article, then watch the defamation lawsuits begin.

As an aside, it makes me laugh when I hear Americans call Obama a socialist. Here in Berlin he’d be considered something akin to a Christian Democrat, the German equivalent of a Republican. Read Die Linke’s English pages to get a feel for real Socialists.

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  1. Sven L. said:
    19:48, which we all know and use, is not affected by this – it was not the german ( that was shut down.

    The site that was shut down, is not affilated with the ‘real’ wikipedia. is run by an organisation called Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. and they educate people about how works (among other things I guess).

    This guy didn’t like the fact that the website would redirect people to the ‘real’ wikipedia, because he didn’t like his entry there.
    Which of course is bad enough.

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