Social Media Resolution

I recently posted this on Facebook, but will repeat it here…

I have decided to change how I create, distribute, and – most importantly – consume Social Media. I needed to change behavior, because I have spent too much time on Facebook reading stories about issues or food or pets that don’t inspire me, make me feel closer to people, or stimulate me.

After finding myself with over 1,800 friends and several hundred subscribers, I have moused over many people’s name on Facebook and turned off the “Show in Newsfeed” option. Beyond that, I have created a few lists. There are people on Facebook that I am connected with who are interesting, or fun, or inspirational, or simply nice… or all of that combined. I also have family and old friends on Facebook, and it’s a nice way to stay in touch with people. They’re part of lists that I check regularly. I also have two lists of Pages which matter to me. But honestly, my goal is to decrease the amount of mindless time I spend scrolling through Facebook… wish me luck.

So… I have decided to spend more time blogging. I’ve had this WordPress blog for years before I started Facebooking. Blogging allows for greater depth, and I have more control over my images.

I have also fired up my Tumblr again, although I will be using it to read a lot of art Tumblrs, while also feeding out some of the images I have created in the past. I am liking Tumblr a lot right now… It’s really visual DJing for me, putting images into a curated flow.

I’ve had a Twitter account for years and don’t really know how to use it, except that I’ve now set it up to tweet my Blog posts and my Tumblr stuff. If someone could link me to a coherent Twitter-for-N00bs how-to page I might actually get involved, though I’m unsure how relevant Twitter is to art… I think I will focus on news items instead.

For those who like my photography, I collect images for my mood boards on Pinterest.

I will include the links to all of my stuff, for those interested in my output. I would be honored if you follow some of it, so you can share my incredibly narcissistic navel-gazing:

Facebook – Yoram Roth

Twitter – YoramRoth

Tumblr – YoramRoth

Pinterest – YoramRoth

I disabled my LinkedIn account… for those of you who remember my first foray into Social Media almost five years ago…

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