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It’s been several months since I lasted posted to this blog. That’s not all about procrastination and laziness. I switched to a different web host, and have rebuilt my entire website, although the front-end looks largely the same. Many of you who know well how tedious it can be to maintain a website. Although I like the design I have for the core of my site, it was completely rebuilt on a WordPress platform. I am really familiar with the back-end management tool. More importantly, I needed to change the way I display my work, so I made two major design changes:

The Hanjo Project now shows the Leporellos which make up the three chapters as one long image. The viewer can scroll along the entire story as it is laid out in the final version. It’s accompanied by a few photos of the final box-book, as well as a short presentation video. The individual images from that project are lovely, but they were never the final product, so simply showing those was always a little frustrating to me.

The Quiet Devotion Project is getting close to completion. I have designed a new presentation method around the work, because the installation views of the final work is important. The simple jpg files don’t properly show the materials and construction of the pieces, so the photographs offer a better understanding of the project.



I’m still showing some of the original Artist Proofs from the Sacred & Profane series, and will add the new work leading up to the show in September.  I added two new pieces, one of which will be shown at Photo London after next week. The relevant info is on the cleaned-up Exhibitions page.

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