I am an artist, and I spend as much time in the creative zone as possible. This sounds flip and affected, but that’s not how I mean that. No matter how creative I may be as a person, the world forces me into the logical/rational side of my brain. I really have to carve out large chunks of time to get my mind into a pattern where I can sort out and evaluate the ideas banging around inside my head like so many pachinko balls. There are always problems to be solved, regardless of how minor they may be. It is simply impossible – for instance – to move imaginatively through a particular idea, to feel one’s way through it, while simultaneously installing a new version of Photoshop. Or planning a shoot. Or dealing with taxes. Or evaluating new business opportunities. Or scheduling the kids’ life.

But nothing – NOTHING – sucks the magic and poetry out of life faster than printing fine art images.

It’s exhausting. Paper types, ICC profiles, platen gaps, color management, thickness, ink levels, drying times, archival sealants, etc and so on ad nauseum. I love my Epson printers, and I use great paper – usually Hahnemühle for the important work, and Epson paper for the proofing prints. But even THAT isn’t clear… It took me two hours of research to realize that Epson Management itself now recommends using “Watercolor Radiant White” as the media type when printing Epson Canvas on an Epson 9890… rather than one of their own Canvas settings… Facepalm.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 1.17.06 PM

Running test strips for different kinds of Canvas to see coloration, contrast and saturation. I think I got it. But seriously, I need to find a print guy and make him part of my retouch team…


  1. vernontrent said:

    I have spent my “mayday” shooting 🙂
    but I feel your frustration, been there, done that…

    1. lettersfromberlin said:

      I get to shoot tomorrow and Saturday 🙂

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