Post Secret

I’ve been aware of a website called for some time, but never really took a closer look. As Frank Warren, the creator of the site describes it: PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

It’s really as simple and cool as that. People create a beautiful postcard, add a secret to it, and mail it to the site – where it gets posted for the whole world to read. All of it has to be on one side.

For Christmas, my Sister-in-Law drew my name out of the virtual hat – we each get one family member (spouses and kids excluded), rather than all of us getting everyone something. My present arrived in the mail on the 24th  – A Lifetime of Secrets, a book-bound compilation of some of the site’s most interesting and evocative secrets.

The book is actually a much better medium for these kinds of postcards, but of course the whole project couldn’t even exist without the internet. I’m glad Warren’s idea has caught fire and become so popular that he’s getting ready to release the fifth book.

Some of the secrets are maudlin, others are funny, and all make you think about what you’ve never told anyone else… and how big a deal it might be.

And all of the post cards are beautiful.

I’ll add three or four below, but check out the site, and get the books. It’s worth it!






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