Peter Funch sees Manhattan

I’m in New York for 48 hours, so I thought it was apropos to point toward Peter Funch and his Babel project.

It’s a novel approach to classic work. Street photography has been around since Leica invented a camera small enough to carry around, but in recent times it’s become rather monotonous. It seems every college student with a beat up AE-1 is out there snapping black + white images, slightly grainy, in an effort to capture urban grit.

Well, at least that’s what I did back in college…

Funch uses Photoshop, a modern graphic editing software, to insert characters shot over time into one location. He will combine people to create a surrealistic scene… like the large group of yawners seen below. What’s even more fun, many of his images show New York in bright sunshine and daylight, which adds to the odd setting.

On a personal note, I also like the choice he makes by using such a wide aspect ratio… it lets the eye focus on the characters, and wander through the image. They definitely need to be seen larger than is possible on the internet.


Click on the picture to be taken to his gallery. They are wondeful images. I really like “Suspecting Suspects” and “Memory Lane”. Check out “Doppeltganger”, it’s a tour de force of the technique. On the other hand, “Diverting Diversions” seems easily plausible.

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