Old enough

One of my truly personal A-Ha moments is that I’m suddenly old enough to enjoy poetry. For years I acknowledged it as some refined form of expression, and even liked the occasional poem… Especially if it was able to use language to create a space rather than simply recount a moment. But I had resigned myself to the fact that poetry was not really my thing, that I preferred the prosaic. I even dated a poet after college, but I couldn’t drop in to her words the way I do now. Maybe they were terrible, who knows… She was capable of great beauty, maybe it never reached the page.

Anyway, this one made me happy today:

“Yeah Yeah Yeah”
by Roddy Lumsden

No matter what you did to her, she said,
There’s times, she said, she misses you, your face
Will pucker in her dream, and times the bed’s
Too big. Stray hairs will surface in a place
You used to leave your shoes. A certain phrase,
Some old song on the radio, a joke
You had to be there for, she said, some days
It really gets to her; the way you smoked
Or held a cup, or her, and how you woke
Up crying in the night sometimes, the way
She’d stroke and hush you, and how you broke
Her still. All this she told me yesterday,
Then she rolled over, laughed, began to do
To me what she so rarely did with you.

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