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There’s a lot going on. I’m preparing for Hanjo in Tokyo in September, Hoppers in Amsterdam in October, and of course the Sacred & Profane project continues to take up all my time. I hope to show it for the first time next April.

My new approach is working well conceptually, but what I’m not clear on yet is the physical presentation of the work. I crop out elements that will be the primary focus visually, but conceptually the focus of the work will be elsewhere, harder to find at first glance. The cropped parts are full color whereas the other parts of the image are very colorless. I also print on different materials, and mount the color images in indentations within the overall frame, thus going through several layers. It gives me the creative elbow room to revisit certain images created earlier in the life of this project, and see how I can integrate them into this newer approach.

I’m shooting today, and it’s different than when the project began. I don’t have a storyboard sketched, and I am relying on the talent of my favorite models (and some new ones) to help me improvise some images. For now, I am creating new work that relies on the landscape of the body within my Caravaggisto light language.

Dark Masha 30139288_web_sRGB

From the Sacred and Profane series.

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