Let the crazy online propagation begin!

If Tobias Rapp is right, then it won’t take much longer than a week or two before a song becomes a hit on the internet and, then goes into the clubs. In the day and age where every DJ downloads tracks, here’s a fresh one (with a phat video to boot!) It is unbelievable how fast music moves from city to city these days.

Maximus by Beni, featuring Sam Sparro. Berlin via Ghent via Los Angeles with pieces of Chicago and Melbourne.

Berlin Minimal with touches of House.

WHAT A GREAT TRACK! … and the kids are kind of cute, too. Betcha buck the thing was shot with a 5D Mk II and a 24mm f/1.4 L. The colors just look Canonesque, if you know what I mean….

Check it in HD and Full Screen, of course:

… and if you’re not seeing the video, click through to my blog and see it there!

Get up and DANCE, y’all!

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