Love and Magic

“Perhaps they were right putting Love into books. Perhaps it could not live anywhere else,” said William Faulkner.

…and perhaps the only Magic left is Art.

It is specious reasoning, but is seems that the ascent of the artist in terms of status within a society correlates to the amount of patriarchy in that society. If It can be reasoned that the rise of modern religion, with its purge of the Feminine and all that is Irrational and Magic, also brought about the rise of the Artist. At its height, during the Renaissance and the Baroque, religion was at its most powerful, and artists moved along side the most powerful and revered citizens. Reason and Enlightenment may have taken the place of religion since then, but they are no less Masculine in nature. And the rise of the Artist (from musicians to painters) continues.


From the second light test of my “Sacred and Profane” series…

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