Long Reads

I love to read, and have always been a fan of long-form journalism. As much as the internet has destroyed the newspaper and magazine business, one positive note is the resurgence of the well-researched article. Unlike a 5-W article (who-what-when-where-and-why?) the longer articles have quite an extensive shelf-life, The topics they can cover in researched detail remains relevant for years to come, and have created a whole new business model. Unfortunately newspapers are no longer printing them… a Pulitzer is still nice, but who has the time or money to pay journalists? Well, the internet provides a world-wide readership for interesting pieces. It’s really good stuff… and perfect for reading on long trips, or before bed.

I have an app on my iPad called Pocket, and there are companion plug-ins that I have installed in my browser. So when I find an article I like, I simply click a button and it gets added to my Pocket app so that I can read it later. The same thing exists for Android tablets of course.

The mothership source for good articles is a website called Arts & Letters Daily. It’s a little on the heady side, but also links to important op-ed pieces and book reviews. Another site is the appropriately-named Longreads, which will pass donations to support some writers. And then there’s Byliner, which is really focused on the new model of long-form journalism. A good place to get started is their Top List of 102 articles.

Remember: reading is hawt.

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