Little People

Over the last year I occasionally found images online of an artist working with miniatures out on the street. I had been thinking about the project and started Googling it furiously last week, but could not remember what it was called. In some weird serendipitous way, Bobby at +Kitsune Noir posted a story about it, and I was reconnected.

Little People is the work of an artist who goes by the name of Slinkachu. He creates tiny scenes and places them in plain sight – if you notice. Some are mundane while others are highly surrealistic.

A typical project is Dear Son somewhere in London, where a miniature mailbox is placed in front of a regular one, and a tiny man is seen dropping a letter.

Others are far weirder, like the work entitled The Feast, where a fly is seen feeding on a person.

Slinkachu says that typically his work will disappear after a few days, but some of it has apparently survived unnoticed for months.

He has recently expanded his work to a project called Inner City Snail. Note the cool Grand Theft Auto-style logo!

Go check out his websites. The sites are not that good, but you get to see a nice selection of his work, and you can follow the link to Amazon where he will soon be selling his first book about the projects.

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  1. Rick Smith said:

    I thought at first this was “tilt-shift” photography. I assume you’ve seen that–and this is probably passe, but I still find it very cool. Here’s a link I found with a quick google search:

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