Linkedin and red wine…

Oh man.

I’ve decided to set up a Linkedin profile. At first I was extremely wary of it, but after closer inspection I realize Linkedin offers all the controls I would like. The site gives me the chance to show or hide as much info as I want to, including my Connections.

So I go ahead and invite people that I think would enjoy participating in this kind of social networking madness. Fair enough, I import my primary Contacts from Outlook (about 200 entries that I use on a daily basis), and then invite selected people – with a sensible custom message in the text.

Then I go out to dinner with some friends, and we fall deep into several bottles of Brunello. I get home, and decide I’m going to finish up my Linkedin profile. I import all my Contacts from what I call the Master Contact List (about 750 entries), thinking I’m going to invite a few select people I haven’t heard from in a while, or just to see if they’re already on Linkedin. By default, all the Contacts are check-marked, but I only wanted to invite a few. So I click INVERT ALL to undo the check-marks.

No I didn’t. I actually hit INVITE ALL.

Oh great.

Good thing I didn’t use the Old Contacts. I’m a digital pack-rat, and have every old Contact stashed away in a folder (about 3,000 entries) – which would have included every ex-girlfriend, former business associate, or electrician I ever added to my Outlook.

So the point is: social networking and wine are not good travel companions.


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