Kutiman spins YouTube

I’ve written about talented Israeli musicians before, but thanks to Bobby Solomon I found Kutiman, who takes existing footage from YouTube and cuts it together to create cool new music. What makes it special is that he retains the underlying video in the sampling process, and cuts that into the mix, too. Usually the video snippets sit next to one another in the frame, so you see it all happening at the same time. It’s a audio-visual pastiche. The source material is of varying quality, but that’s what makes it so charming… which is a nice way of describing YouTube in general, by the way. Through other people’s music, he creates something new. Check out this one, appropriately called The Mother of all Funk Chords.


If you’re up for more of it, check out his site called Thru You. Take a look at Track 8 (About) to meet Kutiman.

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  1. ted said:

    wow – this is amazing!!!

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