I love Hamburgers. I do. And I can’t find a good one in Berlin. Europeans (or at least Germans) have some kind of misconception about Hamburgers, whereby they assume them to be junk food – bad for you, tasteless, and low class. But that’s not true. They may be fast food, and God knows there are plenty of junk food chains built around the mighty Hamburger, but they are not bad. In the US, even the fanciest restaurants will have one on the menu, and often use the finest ingredients. In some weird way, the best Hamburgers in the US can be gotten in French bistros. Go figure – probably because they go so well with Pommes Frites.

By the way, Americans reciprocate the food misunderstanding by mistrusting sausages. They assume every sausage is a hot dog – a casing filled with the least usable meat (snout and anus, baby!) as well as chemicals and preservatives. But Europeans (especially Germans) know that a good sausage is delicious and relatively healthy.

Hamburgers come in every variety. From the quotidien and mundane to the extravagant. And because Americans enjoy a restaurant with a gimmick, some of them are extreme.

I cannot believe the post I found on diet-blog yesterday. It just made me laugh in that incredulous way. I don’t want to verbatim plagiarize it, so I will simply excerpt my favorites, and link to the rest.

Big Daddy Barrick’s Burgers in Las Vegas (where else) hosts an eating competition, and Sonya Thomas was this year’s winner by polishing off a giant 19 pound burger in 17 minutes. Sonya Thomas, by the way, is the reigning world champion in the “sport” of competitive eating.

Another winner comes to you from The Heart Attack Grill. It’s known as the Quadruple Bypass, and comes with “…four burger patties with side orders of Jolt Cola, unfiltered Lucky Strike cigarettes and French fries deep-fried in pure lard.”

…and finally, the Luther Burger (named after Luther Vandross). A Bacon-Cheeseburger, served between two glazed doughnuts. Oh yeah baby! Available at Mulligans in Georgia.


Oh my, look at what my friend Rob just sent me…

The Bird!

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