Going out shooting with my 4-year old

I have been INSANELY busy, and I’m not sure why. When I look back through my schedule, I don’t see that many appointments, but for some reason I have had virtually no personal time in the last few weeks… which makes it a little more difficult to keep posting. I guess a blog like this will ebb and flow, and subsequently I’ve decided to make some changes to it. My plan is to create a new photoblog because my old one is slowly breaking down – the host is going out of business, so I will need to move it to WordPress.

Also, The Listmaker was in New York for a couple of days, which left me in charge of “supervising” the family. IVR (my oldest son) had a birthday party on Sunday, and TMR (the newborn) was entertaining the nanny with his favorite ingestion/expulsion trick, so HLR and I decided to go out to do some “street shooting.” My hobby is photography, but it requires a lot of time, and I found myself presented with a great opportunity to spend some time together while showing him how to get the shot.

The idea of Street Photography is to go out and capture people and the mood of the place. Some photographers are shy about taking pictures of strangers, so I thought I’d start that part of his education early.

We had a blast. Mine are the shots in Black & White with my fancy Leica M8, while he was using my trusty Canon G9:

In this first set, I love that he got the composition perfect. It is (easily) argued that his shot would have been better if he’d gotten it before the street cleaner walked into the frame, and that I should have turned the flash off for him…



In the next shot, we decided to take a picture of a man reading a newspaper. Our shots are almost identical!



But the next shots really take the cake. Ok, I was more patient by waiting for a good facial expression, but his framing captures the mood much better than mine does. I got the two impatient passengers, but he included the kissing couple in this departure scene. (Note his reflection in my shot).



The kid will be a fantastic photographer some day. I hope he keeps at it as he gets older. A camera is possibly the only thing that gets a boy even closer to a girl’s heart than a guitar.


  1. digitalpharaoh said:

    Great shots. Tell him to keep up the good work!

  2. Brandon Stone said:

    This post really left a smile on my face, especially since my own son will be four soon.

    Catching the interaction between the kissing couple and the man in the window is the hallmark of a good street photographer. I think he one-upped you there. Hah.

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