Finally back home in Berlin!

Back in Berlin! Now, time to remember that the Z and the Y are not where you expect them.

Smooth flight – all three boys slept, and JFK was not back-logged as usual. Gate-checked the stroller, but of course the Germans don’t understand the concept of giving parents their wheelsets right away, rather than waiting until after the luggage is unloaded. So everyone was forced to stand and hold cranky half-sleeping children while the suitcases roll past.

And the German obsession with cart theft… even the high-end supermarkets here insist you insert a Euro – God forbid life be made easier for the customer – a Mitarbeiter might have to actually leave the upholstered high-seat.

A shallow DOF image I took of the carts at Tegel a few years ago, before I had three kids to add to my luggage count:

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