Father of the Year

Social indoctrination. It’s what is expected of every father. I’m sure his friends and his wife complimented him on what an attentive and good father he is. And I’m sure they prayed together, too.

Think about how you raise your children. Feeding them into the machine is irresponsible. You think you’re making their life easier. You may be right. But it’s still wrong.

And these days, the prevailing view often dresses itself up as the underdog, the minority view.

It isn’t.

You cannot teach your children desire and ambition if the goals you set for them are standardized and without real meaning. Good grades for a good college for a good job is the path of the machine. It won’t grant you the tools to exceed there, that requires tools acquired along the way. But once those are in place, the basic box-think becomes irrelevant.

Father and Son


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