Disturbing sculpture of the day…

An obese chimp, being attacked an eaten by two emaciated chimps.

There’s various geopolitical analogies at work here, I guess….

Art by Tony Matelli


  1. laprofe63 said:

    What I’m wondering is, how did the skinny one get the fat one on the ground? And why can’t that one get up? Instead, the fat one should be sitting on the two skinny ones, eating, with a big pile of food just within his reach, but out of theirs.

  2. zaza826 said:

    I think that the skinny one if you look at him looks boney like a crackhead and he is just jealous of the fat one because he has more fat and he is just trying to get revenge

  3. Kristen J. Cook said:

    oh MY god! this is SO disturbing to me for some reason! I grew up watching Faces of Death, but a fat chimp, *cringes* I think I’m gonna get nightmares cuz never in my WILDEST dreams have I EVER even thought to wonder what a chimp would look like if it was morbidly obese –so this image totally shocked my visual receptors –never thought of it, never wondered about it, never imagined it, so yeah! That’s pretty awesome, though, since seeing something I’ve never once wondered about and having absolutely no way to prepare myself for the way it’d make me feel is really effin RARE! So, kudos to the artist, haha

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