Design and the Dieline

We live in an age that bombards us with marketing and messages constantly. Nothing new there, of course. But once we have gotten past the price decision (which product holds the proper value in our mind) we are left with a design choice, and the question becomes “Which product feels right to me?” Many of us purchase products based on how they make us feel, how they reflect on us, and whether they’re aesthetically pleasing to us. Simply put, some of these things will be standing around our house for weeks and months, and we will have to look at them.

So lots of effort is poured into creating compelling design. I will not bore you with bad examples, but we all know several of them- just look around the house. Detergent bottles in hyper-saturated colors, wine etiquettes probably designed by the wine-maker’s wife, and shampoo containers that make you want to close your eyes long after you’ve finished rinsing and repeating.

The is a site that calls attention to outstanding design, and I encourage you to check it out. It’s a pleasure for the eyes, and I will add some samples below. It showcases smaller brands as well as major products that we’re all familiar with. Particularly interesting are the conversations that happen about the various designs – I like hearing professionals articulate the things I find myself responding to, but couldn’t describe as succinctly. Click on the images to be taken to the Dieline posts and comments.

Armani Privee Line:

A favorite, because I bought these as a Mother’s Day gift for The List Maker a few years ago. They are handcrafted perfumes that are mild and natural, and the wood-and-stone bottles are Objet D’Arts in their own right.

Olio & Spices

I have always had a love for sauce bottles – those who knew my company Rotor Communications remember that our first broadcast studio had my personal collection of Hot Sauce Bottles (all 350+ of them) decoratively mounted on the wall along the entrance. Olio & Spices is an Israeli company, who used Israeli designers to create the packaging.

Logan Wines

A great design of wine labels. The foot alludes to how grapes used to be stomped in order to press them. The label is fun but elegant. And the footprint has a touch of CSI to it, if you ask me.

Oh, just go to the Dieline and surf the site. It’s fun. The only disappointment is that they clutter their site design with Google Ads… how much money can that possibly generate?

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