Berlin Street Names

Berlin is a huge city, with millions of people distributed over an urban bowl of spaghetti-like streets which go on for miles… but change their names every twenty blocks. Since I was a child I’ve wondered who the various streets were named after, or what the names meant. Occasionally there would be a tiny sign on top of a street sign, giving a birth and death date and a full name, but no indication if the person was a composer, politician, murderer or famous cook.

Well, rejoice! For those of you with absolutely nothing else to do, there is now a comprehensive index of Berlin street names. Nothing Wiki-based, God forbid, or even something that cross-links to any actual useful information… that would be too much to ask… but it’s a start. Berlin Geschichte is a site that covers our capital’s history, and in the process the site operators have put together a list of all streets, their names and location, and the source of the name.

It answered one question for me. It irked me when people pronounced it “Fränklin Strasse” but it turns out the street is really named after Benjamin Franklin.

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  1. Sasha said:

    I lived on Kunz Bunt-Schuh Strasse. Was always curious about that name but not curious enough to look it up. Ever.

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