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This image just got removed by Facebook. I had it as my Cover image. A lot of my Friends – and their Friends – liked the image enough to make the super-minimal effort. It had over 220 Likes and was shared by fifteen people. But at some point someone somewhere got offended and reported the image. The person probably just tagged the image as Offensive, and a community officer at Facebook took it down. I recently read an articles that described the process at Facebook. They get hundreds of thousands of reports per day, and have a large Community Standards team. The members of this team are encouraged to spend no more than one second (!) per images, make a decision, and move on. Usually they remove the image and block the user. In this case I was not blocked from using the service, though I’ve previously had some of my fine art images removed, and was sentenced to several multi-day blocks… which usually makes me quite productive 😉

EDIT:  18 hours later I was blocked. I got a second notice, I was linking inappropriate material. So someone tagged the link to this article, and my blog was registered as spam/inappropriate, and I am on a seven day lock down. Oh well.   /edit

I don’t blame Facebook. It’s not their job to parse the difference between unlucky snapshot, porn, or fine art. They want a nudity-free environment. So they just remove it. Why should they not make their own life easier? This article gives a small but different glimpse of the shit they have to deal with every day. Facebook has decided to leave its social media service clear of nudity to avoid a slippery slope. Remember how bad things got on MySpace? The internet is full of porn. It’s not hard to find. Some of it’s terrible, some of it boring and uninspired, and a little is actually quite good. Pretty much all men watch porn, and there are a lot of women at this point who watch porn as well. And honestly, few things are hotter than receiving a small animated .gif or video snippet linked from Porn4Ladies or WhatIWantToDoToYou from your lover during office hours.

But of course, Facebook’s approach is socially driven. it is impossible to ignore the larger issue, the completely stilted and unhealthy relationship society puts on sexuality. And let’s be honest: more than ever, American Puritanical roots are affecting all of us. Facebook is a company founded, incubated and IPO’d in the United States, and that society – especially through its near-omnipresent media industry – has propagated its values and culture across the globe.

My work is driven by the Feminine, and I am constantly pushing against the patriarchal systems that have led to the Judeo-Christian religion as we experience them now. And make no mistake: Christianity and Islam are simply version 2.0 and 3.0 of the original monotheistic system that began by scouring the Female from itself.

This image… the sleeping Goddess… we need to awaken her.


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  1. Marius Budu said:

    One of my favorite from you so far. Can’t wait to see the rest of this series.

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