Back in New York for a week

Phew, packed up L.A. and made it to N.Y. Easy flight, all three boys were great.

Here’s an old picture looking into the building canyons of our neighborhood. It was shot with a little novelty lens called a LensBaby – it’s a little bellows system that you bend with your hand while focusing the shot.

The image depicts quintessential New York summer – hot, muggy, and the air carries up the smells from the street – flowers, sweat, exhaust, garbage and perfume, all mixed together. You can hear cars honking, kids yelling, dogs barking, and a siren in the distance.

I love seeing all the rooftop gardens, they are wonderful personal retreats from the City.

I’m taking the boys to the Natural History Musem tomorrow, they like to see the whales on the ceiling of the ocean section, and the toothy deep-sea fish with their bioluminescent lures.

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