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Ludwig-Löwe Höfe, Aufgang 1 Nord
Wiebestrasse 42-45, 10553 Berlin-Moabit
Tel: +49 (30) 3670 2179

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As my blurb says… Born in Berlin in 1968, Yoram completed his photography studies at Fordham University in 1990. Yoram has been making images his whole life, but did not commit to fine art photography until he sold his company in the USA and moved back to his hometown in 2007. He is the father of three sons, and continues to split his time between making art, building a photography collection, and leading a business in the photographic art world.

I am a fine art photographer living and working in my hometown, Berlin Germany. My work begins as photography, and is then executed using acrylic, metal, and paper. Each piece is unique – no image is used twice, no are there editions or different sizes.

All the work is shot in my studio, with sets that are designed and executed by the team. I usually sketch and storyboard the images before I shoot them, but there’s also a lot of improvisation. These are not spontaneous snapshots, the images are planned and executed through a deliberate process.

I have spent the last ten years cropping my images, but then leaving the selected crop in its context. I rely on different materials to add physical layers to my pieces, offering multiple shot compositions within the work. In my newest series I initially create stage sets using parametric software, which are then manufactured at a fabrication lab. After shooting with these stage props, I create sculptural pieces using CNC technology to extrude the work from acrylic block. What remains are lacquered textures that move the image beyond the print, and play with light and shadows.


For Press and Public Relations, please contact Nadine Dinter.


For sales, please contact:

Camera Work Berlin
Camera Work
Kantstrasse 149,  10623 Berlin

Nudes In Steel, teneues Publishing

ISBN: 978-3-96171-088-1
Format: 29 x 37 cm
160 pp, 158 color and 9 b/w photographs
Text: German and English

Social Media…

Instagram has become an important platform, and I’m quite active.

The Blog is a diary and a scrap book. It is an insights into the creative process, a record of my feelings, reposts of press items, and a collection of quotes and poems often mixed with older images.

The Tumblr is a repository of my images. Each post has a key image, a number of installation shots, anecdotal material, and whatever text I added late at night while I post.

The Twitter account is more about reading than it is tweeting, but I link to new blog posts there, as well as press material.

The Facebook page used to be a good way to stay in touch. I’ve been active there for many years, and I’m disappointed the algorithm has rendered that platform useless to me.