Narrative Photography, and Lost Opportunities

Last night I attended Eugenio Recuenco’s gallery opening at the respected and influential Galerie Camera Work in Berlin. The show is hanging at the CWC Galerie, their space at the Alte Mädchenschule on August Strasse. It’s a marvelous space, and an appropriate venue for Recuenco’s work. Camera Work represents some of the best-known photographic artists…  [ READ MORE ]

Tokyo Photo Art Fair

After three years, my HANJO Project will finally debut. Galerie CAMERA WORK is presenting the final work at Tokyo Photo 2013 starting September 27th. TOKYO PHOTO has become the most prestigious photographic art fair in Asia. The exhibitor list is small, but but includes some of the most important galleries in the world. Tate Modern…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Yellowtrace

An interview with me was published by Yellowtrace today. I talk about Hanjo, and how the pictures were created. Berlin based fine art photographer, Yoram Roth, takes a strong conceptual approach with his multilayered and visually arresting work. His style extends beyond the fleeting nature of spontaneous snapshots – his images require conscious planning, conceptual…  [ READ MORE ]

Red, Arri, and the Daylight adventure

Typically I either write about the creative part of my photography, or I quote poems… so fair warning given up front: this is one of those rare technical posts. For the last five years I have relied on ProFoto flash gear and digital SLR cameras to capture my images. I like using my lighting gear,…  [ READ MORE ]

Hanjo: Part 3 – The Book

The story of Hanjo was always intended as a graphic novel. When I planned the shoot, I had created storyboards for the entire script. I knew which main shots I needed, how many looks, and the various framings. I knew I needed establishing shots, two-shots, over-the-shoulders, close-ups… I needed textures, cutaways, and empty spaces. My…  [ READ MORE ]

Hanjo – A Gallery

A small selection of images from my photographic novel Hanjo, which will be presented for the first time in its final version at Tokyo Photo 2013.

Constant State of “Not Good Enough”

I saw one of those clever little graphic design exercises on Tumblr today. It was just a simple image that said: I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing right now, but I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it. That – in a nutshell – summarizes exactly how I have felt for the last…  [ READ MORE ]