Hanjo: Part 2 – The Colors

I had decided to turn the Noh opera Hanjo into a photographic novel. It gave me the chance to combine the language of fashion photography with Japanese hand-colored colodion or dry plate work, and to create a separate visual style for the project. I never became an expert on the various types of photography of…  [ READ MORE ]

Breaching the Image Filter

We see thousands of images every day. On websites, in magazines, on money, and selling us products and services from every conceivable surface… walls, buses, high-rises, billboards. There are marvelously beautiful, perfectly cast people smiling down at us. The images let us know that if we buy these products – if we use these services…  [ READ MORE ]

Hanjo: Part 1 – How I discovered the Play

Hanjo blew my mind the minute it touched me the first time. It’s been almost three years now. In 2010, my friend Fredrika Brillembourg invited me to see her perform in Amsterdam. She’s a Mezzo Soprano, and was starring in Toshio Hosokawa’s adaption of HANJO. I had never heard of the story. It was written…  [ READ MORE ]