Kutiman spins YouTube

I’ve written about talented Israeli musicians before, but thanks to Bobby Solomon I found Kutiman, who takes existing footage from YouTube and cuts it together to create cool new music. What makes it special is that he retains the underlying video in the sampling process, and cuts that into the mix, too. Usually the video snippets sit next to one another in the frame, so you see it all happening at the same time. It’s a audio-visual pastiche. The source material is of varying quality, but that’s what makes it so charming… which is a nice way of describing YouTube in general, by the way. Through other people’s music, he creates something new. Check out this one, appropriately called The Mother of all Funk Chords.

If you’re up for more of it, check out his site called Thru You. Take a look at Track 8 (About) to meet Kutiman.

Fat milk

Ok, this was going to be one of those innocuous Facebook posts, but then I decided to dedicate a modicum of net-poking to this… and fell down a rabbit hole of breath-takingly esoteric information.

First, the original post:

FB Milk

I will spare you the info I found regarding German dairy farming and the non-Fair Trade issues regarding the industry, and exactly what constitutes “Fresh Milk” and “Bio/Organic.” Suffice it to say everyone thinks they’re getting ripped off, and that everyone else is to blame. Start reading here if you’re really interested in German milk production, or here if you care about farming…

I began wondering what the caloric differences between the two types of milk might be, and what the long-term ramifications are. Karen and I believe strongly that Low Fat milk SUCKS. We assumed that there’s little point in drinking it, because the nutritional advantage is negligible, but the taste delta is huge. Larry Krug, my friend and former trainer/nutritionist, told me that ultimately it makes no difference. As the milk fat goes down, the lactose rises (in proportion) and the body simply turns that into fat anyway…

…but I have love handles now, and want a quick fix to my weight issue. Switching milk seems the perfectly consumerist solution to me. A decrease in the quality of life MUST somehow mean it’s good for me, right?

Right, I use about 150 ml per cup of frothy-milky coffee, and I have at least four home-made Lattés a day.

So, extrapolating from the label info on the cartons, which are now sitting on my desk and rapidly approaching room temperature, this means (Normal vs. Skim):

Fat – 5.70 g   –  2.25 g

Carbs – 7.2 g   –  7.35 g

Protein – 4.95 g  –  4.95 g

Calories – 100  –  70

No surprises, just as Larry said. The fatter milk has more fat (duh!) but the low fat stuff actually has slightly more sugar. They have the same amount of protein, but there is a notable caloric difference.

I don’t know how to create a nice comparative table for this blog, so follow me: When I multiply the 30 calorie difference times four, and then times 365, I calculate a calorie delta of 43,800. Considering that my daily caloric need (assuming I work out) is 2,600, this little analysis means my coffee habit is delivering 16 days worth of burnable fuel directly to my fat ass every year. But I don’t work out every day, and I have milk on cereal as well… and there’s cheese, and yogurt, and pancakes, and left-over Greek food…

Bummer, looks like I’m going to do what the Walrus suggested, and switch to Espresso.

I am NOT googling wine. I DON’T want to know…

Is this thing on?

New Year’s Resolution: Start blogging again.

But why? And how?

Well, “Why?” is pretty straight forward, I just want to leave a record. On some level I want to open a window, offer some insight into who I am, and how I feel about my life… but honestly, why should anyone care? That’s not some maudlin self-deprecating lament, it’s simply a reflective observation. If I look at the way I consume information, I rarely invest time beyond a skim across my Facebook stream, and when a friend does offer depth, I am unable to read it or respond… I’m in the middle of some important project, the weather is too nice to spend free time in front of a monitor, or it’s one of those full-on kids weekends… whatever. By the time I remember the piece, it has moved on and somehow feels irrelevant… or at least creepy to comment so much later.

What do I want to reveal to make this blog something worth reading? Is it just a collection of arty links and cool internet memes? Do I express concern about my kids, or does this just give ammunition to those who seek excuses for not engaging with them? Do I openly say that there are times when I’d rather be doing something other than Family Time? Or will faltering in the face of perfect Hallmark Parenting be the weakness that will be Exhibit One in the court of teenage rage? How much do I open up about my marriage, or is any extrospection T.M.I ?

“You know, you could just keep a secret diary. It doesn’t have to be on the internet, you exhibitionist freak.” Wait, was that one of the voices in my head? The Voice of Reason? I thought I had a restraining order against that one…

No, I think a one-man show only works on a tiny stage, even if it’s barely the size of a soapbox. It might even lead to discourse! No doubt I’ll get a comment or two by old friends, the same ones who can’t help but mention just how much I supposedly post on Facebook when they see me at the pharmacy… they should see some of the people in my stream if they want to see frequent posting. Anyway, these old friends are the same people who insist on reading it all, but never post themselves. Lurkers under the overpass of the superinformation highway… why did you send me a Friend Request to begin with?

This is a nice way of staying in touch. I know the Twitterati will choke on the character count, but I’m verbose. Change the friggin’ channel if you don’t like the show.

Well, I’m back. Let’s see how long this shiny thing holds my attention this time… A friend of mine calls his blog “The Thing of the Moment” because someone pointed out to him that he’s always into something. I know that feeling, but I promise to keep at it, dear reader… at least through the dark months.